In short: Positive. Dad. Amateur photographer. Happy. Computer wizard. Curious. Fond of Italian food. Entrepreneur. I'm a solution architect at TimeLog. I am located in Roskilde, Denmark. I was born July 2nd 1984. I have a great passion for technology and at the time being especially for web technology.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, business opportunities, network requests or anything else you think should cause my attention.

Blueberrys and TTSia posing in the doorWater is great!Red Doll CarriageJacob in the woodsDead treeLook what I foundKronborgUp and walkingMy princessesMove it!Don't feed the baby!Vintage baby poseLooking for a book?Sia portraitBaby walking upCircle lights in the eyesOranges!Sia ready for more foodSia "Jule"-shoot
Point of contact

Phone: +45 2521 1825
Skype: soeren.oexenhave
Email: soeren@oexenhave.dk